Press Release January 2016


Posture Crown’s new Low Tech Posture Corrector Aims Major Beneficial Impact on Spinal Health

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 15, 2016 – Today Posture Crown unveiled simple and ingenious device that uses body’s natural abilities to correct posture. It targets root causes of back and neck pain, the second popular reason why Americans seek medical care.

Inspired by classic book-on-head method to correct posture, Posture Crown is a soft weighted pad that slides off head when body tilts excessively. It applies scientific findings on carrying weight on head, as well as body’s natural alignment reflex, known as proprioception, to achieve definitive results.

The effective methodology together with ease of use are the main reasons the corrector appeals to broad public. Users can instantly place or remove the device while carrying on with daily activities such as computer work or watching TV.

The simple design also makes the product lowest cost of any posture correctors in the market, making it affordable for anyone.

“Sometimes less is more when it comes to offering practical solutions in a technology dominated society” says Magdalena Wingelaar a Posture Crown executive. She adds “In contrast to existing correctors that target symptoms, Posture Crown actually cures the body of its neuromuscular deficiencies that cause poor posture, in a very natural and organic manner”.

Good posture prevents back and neck pain that affect some 65 million Americans any given time. Further, strong posture establishes positive non-verbal communication and has major impact on how individuals are perceived.

About Posture Crown: Posture Crown was launched in 2015 in Las Vegas as international supplier of its flagship posture corrector. The company manufactures and distributes the products through its web outlet to businesses and consumers across US.