Lime Green Posture Crown


  • Highly effective DIY therapy based on scientific principles.
  • Very easy to use. Place it or remove it instantly and carry on with daily activities.
  • Takes only a five to ten minutes a day for a few weeks to adjust body’s natural aligning reflex. After that occasional use.
  • Low cost but high impact on spinal hygiene.
  • Free shipping in the United States by US Postal Priority mail. Depending on your location it takes  2-5 business days to get to you.
  • Hand made with durable neoprene (stuff diving suits are made) filled with 1.5 pounds of beach sand.
  • A unique patent pending product available only through our online store.
  • Ideal as gift to loved ones. Currently in two colours. Bulk discounts for healthcare professionals see detailed pricing table below.
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Posture Crown is a round soft pad about six inches in diameter and one inch thick. The cover is made with durable neoprene (stuff diving suits are made) and filled with clean beach sand. It weights 1.5 pounds or 600 grams. The weights helps strengthen postural muscles that are necessary to keep body perfectly upright. It is the perfect tool to keep your body perfectly upright while you get used to it.

The grey side is embossed to increase friction. Extra roughness helps in the beginning to withstand sliding off the head, which allows extra head movement. Once on your head, there is not other way that sitting straight. Complete your therapy while doing daily stuff like working on computer, watching TV or walking. Only five to ten minutes a day, any time, at your own pace.

Small and discreet size can be placed anywhere as gentle reminder to pay attention to your posture.

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