Enjoy the unique benefits:

  • A proven method

    Posture Crown is a soft pad with a bit of weight. It slides off head when body tilts too
    much. It applies latest scientific findings on carrying weight on head to train body's
    alignment muscles and righting reflex that keep the body straight.

  • Easy & convenient

    You can instantly place or remove it while carrying on with daily activities. Use it
    while you work on computer or watch TV. Wear it for five to ten minutes a day for a
    few weeks. After that occasionally if poor posture creeps back.

  • Long term fix

    In contrast to existing posture correctors that target symptoms, Posture Crown actually
    improves body's neuromuscular structure that cause poor posture. So the effect is
    long lasting.

  • Save money & time

    The simple design makes the product the lowest cost of any posture correctors in
    the market. And the low cost comes with definitive results. It also costs little time,
    only five to ten minutes for a few weeks, and after that occasionally.

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It's simple, it works and costs little. There is no excuse to stay a slouch.

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Wonder what doctors and other say about the method and Posture Crown

  • Study of 131 patients and concludes positive effect of 'headweighting'

    " Anterior head wheighting... produced significant and immediate improvements in forward head posture in a sample group. The encouraging initial results demonstrate large improvements in static posture. "

  • Head wheighting strengthens the muscles and trains reflexes that aligns your spine.

    " The present study demonstrates the effectiveness of the combined use of spinal manipulation and anterior head weighting for the correction of forward head posture..."

  • It works for other folks, why not for you?

    New! Posturesorted.com, the leading posture corrector review blog, tests Posture Crown for 3 weeks, and concludes "Did it work? In a word, yes." It gives a 4.3 rating on a scale of 5.


Costumers love Posture Crown

...some say we've changed their lives!

  • -Elijah L.

    Posture Crown is the best thing I have ever used to improve my posture. It's comfortable and stays in place all day long. I have noticed a huge improvement in my posture since I started using it and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs help with their posture.

  • -Mason P.

    I spent a long time researching the best posture corrector for my neck pain. I tried two other posture correctors before Posture Crown, but they hurt and were impractical. Posture Crown works well for me.

  • -Benjamin T.

    I've been using the Posture Crown for a while now and it has changed my life. It's so comfortable to wear and really helps with improving my posture. I have much less back pain and overall feel more relaxed throughout the day. The Posture Crown is amazing!

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Need to know more on how we can help correct posture?

Why is Posture Crown so convenient for desk workers?

The Posture Crown has been specifically designed for workers behind a desk. It's practical, comfortable and easy to transport. Unlike normal posture correctors which hurtfully force your body to straighten, the Posture Crown does it naturally and effectively.

What is the basic idea behind Posture Crown?

Posture Crown is a soft pad about the weight of a book around 1.5 pounds.
Like a little crown, you can put on and off on demand. You tilt your body too
much and it slides off.
The basic idea is to train your body for a few minutes a day to feel the
sensation of what correct alignment is, and turn it into a habit. It kind of works
like training wheels on side of bikes that keeps kids from tilting.

What makes this therapy so convenient?

Posture Crown therapy is super easy to fit into everyday life. After the first
couple of sessions, the sensation of wearing it fades away so you can just
focus on something else. Like a hat, you can wear it and move your body
enough to do regular activities like reading, watching TV, computer work, or

How long does this therapy take?

We recommend you wear it for five to ten minutes a day for four weeks. After
a couple of weeks you notice visible results. Please note that it takes time to break long practiced bad habits, but when broken you'll be free of all the pain.

How much does the therapy cost?

The Posture Crown and opt in therapy only cost 24.95. As part of the therapy you can opt in to receive one email instruction a
week for four weeks to motivate and guide the therapy. This is much less than
the cost of one visit to any therapist. For information on bulk discounts or gifts
visit our shop.

Any scientific research on this therapy?

Yes. Headweighting has been the subject of scientific studies. Just read
conclusion of two scientific studies in our testimonials. Both studies show
positive results on this this type of therapy.

Can I look at the user instructions?

Absolutely. Just visit our page on user instructions here.

Does this therapy really work?

This reason this therapy works so well to correct posture is because it targets
what posture experts call righting reflex. Righting reflex corrects the
orientation of your body when it is taken out of its normal upright position.
Headweighing adjusts your body’s righting reflex by repeating correct sensory
alignment. In other words, wearing Posture Crown helps to align your spine
perfectly while getting used to keeping it. Kind of like how kids learn to ride a
bike. Getting used to a perfectly aligned body is the key to this method’s
success for long terms treatment.