Retain, engage and empower patients to improve posture

Those Who Engage, Retain

Improving posture is a form of behavioural change that requires long term commitment. To ensure commitment, patients need to engage in the therapy. And the key to engaging the patient is to offer simple and convenient programs. Keeping it all simple is the essence of Posture Crown.

Therapist Uses Posture Crown

Simplify to get patients comply

An engaging posture therapy to retains patients long term

As a therapist you are in incredible position to offer new and effective solutions that bring clear value to your clients. Realizing the therapeutic value is the key to nurture loyal patients. Posture Crown creates loyalty because its simplicity enhances engagement. The exercises do not interrupt daily task nor requires active participation. It can be used as stand alone program to maintain spinal health, or plug into your existing therapies.

The simplicity of Posture Crown is the key to get patients comply to a long-term therapy. It is exactly this very feature that makes Posture Crown appeal to broad public.  Patients can plop it on or off on demand, any time, and let it work in the background without active participation. When the head tilts off too much, this 1.5 pound soft pad slides off.

Independent posture review website,, gave Posture Crown 4.3 out of 5 points. Read the full review here.

Headweighting improves posture

Engage To Retain Patients

Benefits include customer loyalty, extra income and more

Other than the proven effectiveness by not one but two studies on headweighting, Posture Crown’s simple and organic approach helps patients comply with home exercises. that works and you get the benefit of their loyalty. Other benefits include:
•   Opens huge new market segment for preventive posture therapy, or incorporated in existing therapies.
•   No other corrector in the market particularly affects modern cervical issues such as computer related slouching, forward head posture, or “text neck”.
•   Offering a practical, low cost and proven therapy enhances reputation and referrals.
•   Bulk discounts rates allow 100% mark up over retail price, and to supplement income.
•   Compact size, easy to store and display.

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The Classics Never Die

Oldest posture therapy now improved and making a comeback


While initially the effects of headweighting were intuitive, more recently not one but two research papers supported its positive effects on posture.

To a large extend, gravity governs body’s nervous system that controls our movements. Posture Crown is designed to utilize the neural righting mechanism in response to gravity in order to re-establish the proper agonist/antagonist relationship between the flexors and extensors. Simply put, the prolonged sensation of keeping the body in the straight position modifies proprioception.

But there is more to it which you can read in the follow page where we discuss in more detail how Posture Crown works. Read more...

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