User Instructions

Easy and Practical

Once you get your Posture Crown, you’ll be tempted to plop it right on your head, but don’t do that. To get the most out of Posture Crown, it’s essential that you start with correct posture. Follow these instructions:

Pull your belly in by straightening your back and neck towards the ceiling. Think of a straight line Profile Woman Computer resizedpassing through your body from ceiling to floor. Now imagine that a rope attached to your breastbone is pulling your chest and rib cage upward, making you taller. If sitting in front a computer then make sure that the top of the monitor is at your eye level.

Once you have aligned your body correctly, place the Posture Crown atop of your head, right on the center of your crown. Don’t worry if it feels a bit wobbly in the beginning. That’s part of the process. Getting your body used to manage the shakiness is integral part of the therapy. After the first couple of sessions you might slightly feel your neck muscles. But that is also part of the process to strengthen those muscles that align your posture.

The first couple of sessions you might need to balance it consciously. But after that, it will get much easier, and the sensation of wearing it fades away. This is also a sign of the corrective progress.

For the first session, five minutes is plenty. But eventually try wearing it for five to ten minutes every day. You can increase the duration as you see fit, but don’t wear it for too long in the beginning to exhaust your muscles. After the first month, wear it occasionally to reinforce body alignment. Let’s face it, bad habits have a tendency to creep back.

A word of caution: If you have pre-existing back or neck injuries, consult your physician before using Posture Crown. Also, at any time, if you feel pain or discomfort, speak with your doctor.

Useful tips to get the most out of Posture Crown Therapy:

Man Profile with Posture Crown on Head

Tip 1: 
Start now! A golden rule to stop procrastinating about doing simple things, such as wearing Posture Crown, is to do it, the moment you think about it.

Tip 2: Place it somewhere visible as reminder. Perhaps next to your computer or on your coffee
table where you watch TV.

Tip 3: Create Manageable Goals: Four weeks is a realistic time frame to correct your posture.

Tip 4: Reward Yourself: Try to plan both big and small rewards. Plan small weekly rewards such as a nice meal for following the therapy. Larger rewards such as a piece of clothing for completing the four week program.